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Rosemary Chavez

Gracias a la empresaria Rosemary Chavez de Lariza's Beauty Salón por su preferencia y su confianza en todos estos años. Zoila, agente tramitador de cheques federales de Impuestos. I.R.S E-file provider. Taxes individuales, Small Business, Corporaciones. CTEC Lic # A045494

"I was recommeded to Zoila Income Tax Multiservices. I have to say that since then, I have remained a loyal customer. Zoila's hard work and dedication is second to none. I've lost count on how many of my friends and family I've recommended to Zoila Income Tax Multiservices."
Simon Predizuela
Plant Manager
"I have used Zoila's services many times over. She is competent, concise, professional and thorough."
Harry Hollmes
Attorney at Law
"Zoila has provided me with competent tax preparation and impeccable service. In the past I've used others that to be honest did not dispaly the due diligence that Zoila Income Tax Multiservices has provided me."
Jorge Jimenez
"I was looking for a good tax preparer and I came across Zoila Income Tax Multiservices. It's not an easy task finding someone that is competent and up to date in tax laws. Zoila was very helpful in ensuring my taxes were done right! Not an easy task when you consider the complexities of my taxes."
Anthony Raudals
Homeland Security
"I love how Zoila dymystifies the tax preparation process. An awesome business tax consultant that always has your best interest in mind. She's truly informed in all individual and business tax aspects that are key in providing the most efficient and effective service." Thank you Zoila!
Diana Elizabeth Torres